Malwarebytes Finds Increase in Mac Threat Detections in 2019

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Cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes said that it noticed “a startling upward trend” in threats against Macs in 2019. It found that 16% of total detections were Mac threats.

Malwarebytes Records More Threats Against Macs Than Windows Devices

Furthermore, Malwarebytes said that six threats against Macs were amongst the top 25 detections. Mac malware broke into the top five most detected worldwide threats for the first time ever.

In a blogpost outlining the results, the firm’s Director of Mac and Mobile said that on devices with Malwarebytes software installed, Mac users detected 9.8 threats per device. That’s compared to just 4.2 detections per device on Windows devices.  Mr. Reed said that “Mac detections primarily consist of adware and PUPs.”

He concluded:

We’re seeing that Macs are increasingly popular targets, and the bad guys are ramping up their efforts to get a piece of the Mac market.

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