Meta Quest Gets ‘Inspired’ by Vision Pro Again: 2nd Time in 2 Weeks

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3

Meta is testing a new window layout feature for its Quest line of VR headsets. This feature provides flexibility in window placement and can improve multitasking capabilities within VR environments.

Previously, Meta Quest allowed users to display only three windows positioned side-by-side. This limited the ability to arrange windows in a way that optimized workflow.

The new feature, currently in testing, combines two window placement options:

  • Three fixed-position windows: These windows maintain a set location within the virtual environment.
  • Three freely moveable windows: These windows can be positioned anywhere in the user’s VR space, similar to the window placement system offered by Vision Pro headset.

While there seem to be areas for improvement in visual quality and performance compared to Vision Pro, the new layout looks like a big step towards better control for users over their VR workspace.

Also, this is the second time Meta has been inspired by Apple in 2 weeks. Last week, we reported that Meta’s upcoming Horizon OS update (formerly Quest OS) will introduce improvements to window management in VR. This comes after Apple reportedly¬†rejected Meta AI due to privacy concerns, and their history of data practices.

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