Apple Reportedly Rejected Meta’s AI Chatbot Integration Amid Privacy Concerns

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Apple reportedly rejected Meta’s attempts to integrate its AI chatbot, Llama, into iPhones. According to sources, discussions occurred in March but never progressed. This decision comes alongside Apple’s recent announcements regarding partnerships with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini for future inclusion in their devices.

Apple reportedly had reservations about integrating Meta’s technology due to privacy concerns. Apple has long criticized Meta’s data practices, and partnering with them would contradict their stance. Even I was shocked when the rumors of a potential partnership appeared a couple of days ago.

Additionally, Apple considers ChatGPT a better option, probably because Apple didn’t have to pay a dime to OpenAI and already has a partnership with Google for search within its Safari browser, making billions out of it on a yearly basis.

While Apple unveiled its own AI features, “Apple Intelligence,” at its recent developer conference, Cupertino knows its chatbot technology isn’t as advanced as competitors, and because of this, the company moved from first to third in the list of most valuable companies.

Talks with AI startup Google and Amazon-backed Anthropic regarding adding their chatbot as an option are reportedly ongoing.

The current deal with OpenAI involves Apple allowing paying ChatGPT subscribers to access their subscriptions within the iPhone operating system. This could generate revenue for OpenAI, with a potential cut going to Apple through App Store commissions. One of the reasons why Apple has been asked to pay a fine of around $40B by the EU.

Apple and Meta’s relationship has become competitive in recent years, especially in the areas of AI, smart home devices, and virtual reality headsets.

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