Apple Already Planning To Move on From OpenAI, Eyes on Meta

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Apple is looking beyond its usual circle for help with its new AI, Apple Intelligence. The tech giant is reportedly in talks with several AI companies, including long-time competitor Meta, to use their technology in their devices.

Apple announced Apple Intelligence earlier this month at WWDC, which won’t be coming to the EU this year, where Apple might be paying the victim card, and now it seems they’re looking to offer users a variety of AI tools by partnering with different companies.

Companies like OpenAI, Meta, Anthropic, and Perplexity are all interested in partnering. These partnerships would involve integrating their generative AI models into Apple Intelligence.

It seems that Apple is keen to avoid relying on just one provider. The deal with OpenAI was seen as temporary until in-house AI is developed.

For AI companies, this is a golden opportunity. Partnering with Apple means gaining access to a massive user base through Apple devices. This is the reason Apple gave OpenAI for its services without paying a dime. Additionally, they could generate revenue by offering premium subscriptions within Apple Intelligence.

It’s also unclear how open Apple will be to integrating various AI models. Apple and Meta have also clashed over privacy and advertising, as reported by WSJ. If a deal is struck, it would signal a bigshift in their relationship.

Overall, Apple’s talks with various AI companies show a new approach to AI development. By looking beyond traditional competitors, Apple is giving users more options and AI companies a chance to reach a wider audience.

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