Apple’s Deal with OpenAI: A Temporary Solution Until In-House Chatbot Is Ready

apple openai chatbot deal

Apple reportedly signed a deal with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to its operating systems. However, recent reports suggest that this partnership is likely a temporary measure.

Dag Kittlaus, Siri’s co-founder, believes this partnership is a “short- to medium-term solution.”

A recent report from Bloomberg includes the following quote from Kittlaus:

[Apple is] infusing its Siri digital assistant with AI. But the company’s own chatbot isn’t yet up to snuff.

The OpenAI partnership is likely a “short- to medium-term relationship” for Apple, said Dag Kittlaus, a tech veteran who co-founded and ran the Siri business before it was acquired by Apple. “But you can bet that they will be working hard building out their own competencies here.”

Kittlaus believes the collaboration aims to enhance Siri’s capabilities quickly, while Apple continues to develop its own AI technology. 

Apple has been working on its own AI chatbot, known as Apple GPT, for over a year. The company aims to ensure that its chatbot can run on-device, while also preparing new security measures for the cloud-based models

Kittlaus mentioned that Apple’s own chatbot isn’t ready yet, making the OpenAI partnership necessary. He emphasized that Apple will continue to build its own AI capabilities. This interim solution helps Apple stay competitive while avoiding the pitfalls of current generative AI technology.

We still have not received any updates on Apple’s reported deal with Google, and we don’t know how the development of Apple’s in-house chatbot will affect the implementation of Mountain View’s AI technology.

Apple’s long-term goal reportedly remains to fully integrate its own generative AI technology into its products. This strategy aligns with Apple’s preference for owning the complete stack of hardware, software, and services.

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