Apple Finds a Way to Secure Its AI Cloud Data Ahead of Big Announcements

apple blac box secure ai cloud

As we’re nearing WWDC 24, news about Apple’s AI plans is emerging daily. The deal with OpenAI is (reportedly) finalized, and rumors about new AI-powered features, such as text summarization and Siri improvements, are already circulating.

While focusing on the end product is exciting, it’s also important to consider what’s happening behind the scenes. Fortunately, recent reports have shed some light on that as well.

According to The Information, Apple plans to handle its cloud-based AI data using a hybrid approach. That involves storing data both locally and in the cloud.

While people are confident in the security Apple devices provide for locally stored data, including the cloud in the mix has raised privacy concerns.

Apple to put its cloud data inside the “black box”

The Information further reports that Apple has found a way to make its cloud data secure. Reportedly, Apple plans to process data from AI-powered apps inside a “black box.” This means Apple will rely on its own hardware and software to handle the communication between the cloud and devices.

The black box is part of Apple’s existing “Apple Chips in Data Centers” (ACDC) concept, a project aimed at developing Apple’s own chips for running AI services in data centers.

In addition to fully relying on its own infrastructure, Apple will also develop the Secure Enclave for its servers. This technology already keeps local data on Apple devices secure and private, even from Apple itself. So, Cupertino now aims to replicate it for the cloud and provide a secure channel for its AI data.

Typically, cloud services encrypt stored data, but processing that data involves decrypting it. This leaves data vulnerable to attacks.

Apple plans to tackle that issue by isolating sensitive data with the Secure Enclave and allowing private processing inside the cloud.

Stay tuned for the upcoming WWDC 24, where we will likely learn more about Apple’s future plans with AI.

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