Will Apple Make Us Pay For Using AI in iOS 18?

could apple charge for ai

The tech world is buzzing about Apple’s future AI plans. The upcoming WWDC 24 is expected to introduce revolutionary features to iOS and Apple’s entire ecosystem.

While we’re all focused on what Apple might announce soon, there’s an important perspective to consider: what if Apple doesn’t release everything we’re anticipating right away? Or, what if advanced AI features come with a price tag?

Tech influencer Snazzy Labs has raised some intriguing points about Apple’s near-term offerings. In a recent post on X.com (formerly Twitter), Snazzy Labs expressed skepticism about the recent rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming AI features.

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This isn’t a circulating rumor, it’s merely an individual’s opinion that has caught our attention.

Will AI in iOS 18 come with a price tag?

Snazzy Labs argues that delivering advanced AI capabilities to Apple’s enormous user base of 2.2 billion people might be too challenging to achieve immediately. For instance, the rumored transformation of Siri into a chatbot, if it happens, might not be realized anytime soon.

Another interesting point is the possibility that Apple may charge users for advanced AI features.

While none of us would like these predictions to come true, it makes sense from a business perspective. Introducing a subscription model for AI features could alleviate infrastructure burdens and provide Apple with an additional revenue stream.

Many apps and services already offer AI capabilities as a premium package, so Apple might adopt a similar approach. Especially if we consider that Cupertino likes borrowing ideas from other companies.

Now, there are a few important aspects of Snazzy Lab’s prediction to consider. First of all, we don’t yet know which part of Apple’s upcoming AI integration will be stored locally, and which will be cloud-based.

It’s fair to assume that more powerful models will be stored in the cloud, while the less advanced ones will be accessible locally. Apple has already revealed 8 new local AI models set to arrive with iOS 18. And of course, we’re still waiting to see the outcome of Apple’s new deal with OpenAI.

On top of that, recent rumors say that Apple has found a way to secure its cloud-based AI data, so we will likely see some cloud-based models make their way to iOS 18. Whether these models will be free for all users remains to be seen.

If Apple ultimately decides to put some of its AI capabilities behind a paywall, it will probably be a part of an iCloud+ subscription. In that scenario, Apple would likely restructure its premium service, and introduce a special tier for users wanting to access advanced AI features.

It’s still impossible to precisely predict Apple’s moves. However, the upcoming WWDC 24 will surely give us more answers. So, stay tuned.

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