Arc Search revolutionizes web browsing, Apple might borrow the idea

Arc Search revolutionizes web browsing, Apple might borrow the idea

Arc Search is one of the most innovative apps on the market right now. It’s a new browser app aiming to revolutionize how we search the web by utilizing AI.

Arc Search browses the web for you and provides a summary of its findings. When you enter a search term, Arc simply scrapes the top search results and organizes that data into a neatly formatted summary page.

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Of course, that approach takes even more power away from traditional websites. Although we at The Mac Observer (a traditional website) aren’t thrilled about that, we applaud the innovation regardless.

Another useful feature of Arc Search is “pinch to summarize.” This allows you to summarize any page you’re currently on by using a pinching gesture, similar to zooming in or out on a photo.

The combination of these innovative features gives Arc a solid competitive edge. It exemplifies how AI should be utilized to genuinely enhance the user experience, rather than merely serving as a marketing gimmick.

Apple is preparing to go big on AI, and we should expect a plethora of new services and features soon. It’s all set to begin once the deal with OpenAI becomes is finalized, and will likely expand across Apple’s entire ecosystem.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is developing a new AI-powered technology called “smart recaps“. It will reportedly provide users with “summaries of their missed notifications and individual text messages, as well as of web pages, news articles, documents, notes and other media” 

TechCrunch believes that Apple drew the inspiration for this new tech from Arc Search, particularly its ability to summarize web pages using AI. While we may never get official confirmation, it’s a reasonable assumption given Apple’s history of “borrowing” ideas from its app developer community.

It all started in 1990, when Apple released a finder app named Sherlock, which was suspiciously similar to a third-party finder app Watson. Since then, the term ‘Sherlocking” has been used whenever Apple gets an idea for its software from third-party developers.

All of this could be beneficial for users. After all, Apple has built its entire empire on the principle of taking what’s already there and making it better. How it will affect the growth of Arc and similar apps that use AI for summarizing content is a different story.

Especially when considering that other major players are also betting on AI-powered content summarization to be the next big thing. We can only wait to see what the future holds for everyone involved.

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