MiniLED Displays Coming to iPad Pro and MacBook Pro This Year

iPad Pro

iPad Pros and MacBook Pros using miniLED displays look set to arrive this year. Furthermore, a MacBook Air with the display will be released in 2022.

MacBook Air Will Get miniLED Next Year

Sources told DigiTimes that there will be 11-inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models and a 16-inch MacBook Pro, all with miniLED displays, released in 2021.  The year after, they will be used on the MacBook Air. Other companies said to be using the technology in forthcoming products include Samsung. The move is in no small part being driven by the desire for improved image quality as millions of people continue to work from home. Vendors reportedly believe that this will be particularly useful for those using Computer Aided Design software.

One thought on “MiniLED Displays Coming to iPad Pro and MacBook Pro This Year

  • Charlotte:
    That is indeed the rumour. The power efficiency gains and aesthetics should be impressive. Yours truly will, no doubt, get one when they come out, and hand my current 2018 iPad Pro down to my son. I am far more interested in the chipset choice Apple will make for that device, as well as the next iteration of iPadOS. Both of these will depend upon how truly competitive Apple wish to make the iPad Pro to their Mac portable lineup. 
    And, for goodness, sake; the possibility that Apple might finally move the forward camera into landscape position. 

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