Satechi Releases New Keyboards and iPad Stand

Satechi keyboard and iPad stand

Satechi has released four new USB-C backlit keyboards in different sizes as well as a redesigned iPad stand on Thursday. You can purchase the new keyboards and iPad stand, along with all other Satechi products for 20% off, using code WFH20 at checkout from now until January 10.


The Slim X1 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard gives you a full QWERTY layout with macos function keys in an ultra-slim profile. The keyboard’s small and compact design can easily be placed in a briefcase or backpack for maximum portability. There is also an X1 wired variant for US$59.99.

Next is the Slim X3 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard. Designed for Macs, the X3 Keyboard features an extended layout with numeric keypad, multi-device Bluetooth, and shortcut keys optimized for Apple devices. Again, there is an X3 wired variant, this one for US$69.99.

iPad Stand

Satechi has also redesigned its iPad stand for maximum viewing in portrait and landscape modes. It has an adjustable mount and base hinges with a foldable design. This product is US$44.99.

satechi iPad stand

One thought on “Satechi Releases New Keyboards and iPad Stand

  • Greetings, Andrew:
    I’ve heard good things about the Satechi keyboards and iPad stand. Having not long ago purchased the compact Apple Magic Keyboard (Bluetooth) and the Logitech MX Keys for using for desktop work with my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro (when not connected to its own Magic Keyboard), I haven’t indulged in trying out the Satechi. While I like the Apple keyboard, the advantage of the compact Satechi is that it is backlit. Still, given that the same applies to the iPad’s Magic Keyboard, and that I can readily switch between my Mac and my iPad on the Logitech with the press of a function key, I haven’t managed to justify purchasing the Satechi compact, given all of the other kit I’ve been purchasing of late, and am mindful of the litter of iPad Pro keyboard cases I bought, in search of the perfect keyboard case, before the Magic Keyboard, most of which are now mothballed (at least I could give my Apple keyboard case to my wife when I purchased her new 2020 iPad Air); I could have just as easily purchased five new HomePod Minis. 
    As for the stand, a major advantage of this over my current stand is that it is foldable into a backpack-stowable configuration. If I start travelling again, and want to port an iPad desktop setup, I will reconsider. 
    So many toys. So little time. 

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