These Are the Most Popular Shows on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Apple revealed the most podcasts on its platform on Thursday. The data reported on by Ashley Carmen (who now writes the Hot Pod newsletter for The Verge,) outlined that big networks are, perhaps unsurprisingly, having the most success so far with the relatively new subscription offering.

A First Look at The Most Popular Shows on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

The most popular shows on Apple Podcast subscriptions come from Wondery and Luminary. There is only one show in the top 10 that does not come from a U.S.-based network. The top free channels are also dominated by U.S. creators.

Apple Podcasts subscriptions only became available in June this year. The data, therefore, comes from very early on in the process of allowing users to pay for shows directly from the Podcasts app. It will be interesting to watch how the top-ranked shows change over time. Channels, which allow networks to bring together their various shows in one place, have also been rolling out are available.

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