Satirical News Site ‘The Onion’ Comes to Apple Podcasts

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The Onion is debuting a daily news podcasts called The Topical is coming to Apple Podcasts and other platforms. No word on whether it will be real news or a comedy podcast.

Leading media experts agree our subservience to the written word has ended, and all future generations will passively absorb information from The Onion’s podcast each day. In fact, an emerging consensus suggests this could be the last sentence you ever have to read if you click below right now to listen to The Topical, thereby freeing yourself from a dying culture’s benighted era of literacy.

Apple Podcasts: The Topical

Apple Podcasts Come to Alexa Devices

· Charlotte Henry · News

Apple Podcasts are now available on Amazon Echo devices via Alexa, as are podcasts that are available on Spotify.

You Can Now Listen to Apple Podcasts on the Web

· Andrew Orr · Product News

Apple has made it possible to listen to Apple Podcasts on the web. The Movies and TV show web interfaces have also been updated.

Like Apple News, Privacy is a Feature of Apple Podcasts

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It’s hard for publishers and individuals to make money via Apple’s platforms like News and Podcasts. Jason Snell’s argument seems to be that competitors like Spotify might do better than Apple because advertisers can’t collect user statistics from Podcasts. It’s a conundrum, because I think you can have both good privacy and good advertising. But Apple is never going to give up privacy in favor of deeper advertising. Hopefully there can be a happy medium.

Maybe it’s all for the best. There aren’t too many examples of enormous tech companies opting not to take advantage of their dominance in a market. Perhaps Apple’s light touch on the world of podcasting will continue, at least until a competitor does something to get its attention.

NPR Wants to Work With Apple on Podcast Analytics

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Currently, advertisers rely on download metrics to figure out how valuable it is for ads. But podcasters can’t tell if people skip over the ads.

Click Farms Manipulate Apple's Top Podcasts List

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Analysis from podcast industry tracker Chartable found this, calling the list ““the closest thing to the Billboard Top 100 in the podcast world.”

In The Next iTunes Update, iTunes U Collections Will Move to Podcasts

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If you are an iTunes U content creator, you won’t have to do much since Apple will be doing the transition. However, Apple recommends that institutions review current iTunes U Collections and remove outdated or unneeded content before the transition happens.

iTunes Podcasts Now Called Apple Podcasts

· Bryan Chaffin · News

Listen on Apple Podcasts

Apple changed the name of its podcast app from iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcast. The move includes branding within iTunes, in the Podcasts app, and the Listen on Apple Podcast badge that replaces Listen on iTunes Podcasts.