Changes for Developer Betas and Indie Podcasts - TMO Daily Observations 2023-03-29

Apple’s making it harder for non-developers to get developer betas of its latest software. TMO writer Nick deCourville joins Ken with the story. Plus – Ken is worried that changes in Apple Podcasts are reducing independent podcast discoverability. He mixes up the terms “network” and “channels,” though the questions are still sound.

Wondery Joining Apple Podcast Subscriptions

Amazon-owned podcast studio Wondery is partnering with Apple, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Apple Podcast subscriptions is set to launch in the future too, according to the report.

Wondery, which produces podcasts like Dr. Death, Business Wars and The Shrink Next Door, will bring its Wondery+ subscription service to Apple Podcast Subscriptions, which is set to launch later this month. Wondery+ offers ad-free podcasts, with early access and exclusive episodes for subscribers. The deal is good news for Apple users, some of whom were left wondering whether Wondery would continue to invest in the Apple ecosystem after being acquired by fellow tech giant Amazon earlier this year.

The Good and Bad Of the Apple Podcasts Update

Apple announced subscription podcasts and an overhaul of its app at the recent ‘Spring Loaded’ event. Longtime podcaster Jason Snell looked at the good, and bad, of the new offering at Six Colors.

The most important feature of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is that it meets people where they live. Perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned in more than a decade of podcasting is that for all your presence on the web, on social media, in email, or in private communication channels like Slack and Discord, the single best place to reach podcast listeners is via the podcast. Not everyone does Facebook or Twitter or visit your website, but the entire podcast audience is listening to the podcast… Podcasting is an industry driven by feeds, which automatically deliver content to listeners. But Apple Podcasts Subscriptions doesn’t support delivery of content via a feed—instead, all the subscriber-only content has to be manually uploaded to Apple’s servers via a web form. This is onerous on its own (now you’re using two different podcast management systems instead of one), but of course Spotify, Google, and others will announce their own plans and now you’re required to post the same content in a half-dozen different places.