Apple Searching for Gold and Treasure in New Original Podcast ‘Missed Fortune’


Today reports indicate that Apple is launching the audio series Missed Fortune, which centers around the true story of an individual’s year-long quest to find a million dollar treasure hidden by the eccentric art dealer Forrest Fenn in 2010.

Apple runs original podcasts through its television arm, Apple TV+. The first three episodes of the nine-part series Missed Fortune premieres Aug. 15. The story is hosted by journalist and former Outside Podcast host Peter Frick-Wright.

Apple to Launch ‘Missed Fortune’ Podcast

Cupertino is looking to ramp up their original podcast content, and Missed Fortune is now part of other original podcasts. Apple Original podcasts include The Line, Hooked, Run, Bambi, Run and Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy. For Apple, the company has mostly focused on the distribution side of podcasts, and acquiring Missed Fortune only adds to the collection.

A report from Deadline stated:

Since the hunt began, thousands of searchers went out in pursuit of the treasure, with at least five of them losing their lives in the process. Missed Fortune follows one searcher over the course of eight years, on a hunt that triggers a series of unintended consequences. As Fenn’s treasure gains international attention, people are forced to reexamine exactly what Fenn set in motion.

Missed Fortune will follow the story of Darrell Seyler, a gentleman who spent years for searching for the treasure. At one point, Seyler even went to jail for violating federal regulations in an attempt to find the treasure within Yellowstone National Park.

Looking for Treasure

The Fenn treasure hunt began in 2010 when wealthy art dealer Forrest Fenn hid a chest “somewhere in the Rocky Mountains”. The art dealer published a 24-line poem containing clues to its location. The Fenn treasure includes gold and jewels, and reports indicate it was found in 2020 in Wyoming by formal journalist and medical student Jack Stuef.

Missed Fortune is a production of High Five Content. The company is responsible for the Hulu documentary series Captive Audience as well as podcast Son of a Hitman. The production is also in association with Frick-Wright’s 30 Minutes West, which is responsible for the podcasts Bundyville and Cat People. The company is also responsible for Outside Magazine, which published articles on the subject of the outdoors. Missed Fortune see Fright-Wright, Andrew Jacobs and Robbie Carver as executive producers.

Concerning the Fenn treasure hunt, Cavalry Audio also launched X Marks the Spot: The Legend of Forrest Fenn in June. Additionally, Studio 8 is also setting up a feature film project. The action comedy inspired by writer Hudson Morgan’s misadventures to find the treasure, also features Jake Szymanski. Furthermore, in 2018, Fox created an hour-long drama that was inspired by David Kushner’s book on the subject with McG and The Chi executive producer Elwood Reid.

Back in June, Apple also released the podcast Project Unabomb. A podcast series which focuses on “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski.

You can listen to the trailer for Missed Fortune here. 

Are you looking forward to Missed Fortune? What Apple Original Podcasts are you listening to right now? Let us know in the comments.

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