Tool (Finally) Joins Streaming Services

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Rock band Tool is making news on several fronts this week. After announcing a new album (their first since 2006), titled Fear Inoculum and out August 30, they also announced their entire back catalog will be available on digital streaming services as of Friday, August 2nd. Until August 1, the only way to get your hands on their four previous albums is CD and vinyl, though I seem to remember having at least Undertow on cassette at one point. Frontman Maynard James Keenan was on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he talked about the new album and the decision to join streaming services. You can watch the full interview below, but know that every possible warning about NSFW content should be applied.

Tool (Finally) Joins Streaming Services

Apple Isn't Deleting Your iTunes Movies

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Movies Anywhere on Apple TV

One guy losing streaming movies from his iTunes purchases doesn’t mean Apple is taking away everyone’s movies.

Scout FM Introduces New Features, Like Compatibility with CarPlay

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Scout FM is a podcast radio service that streams a curated selection of podcasts and radio shows. Today the service is getting new features, including compatibility with Apple’s CarPlay. A cool new feature is called Commute Mode, which automatically finds shows for you that fit your commute time. Scout FM is a bit different than other podcast apps. You don’t subscribe and download podcasts. Instead it’s more similar to a traditional radio station. There are stations focused around categories like Daily News, Brain Food, and True Stories. You just pick a station and immediately start listening. App Store: Scout FM – Free

Scout FM Introduces New Features, Like Compatibility with CarPlay

Reminder: Disney Movies Anywhere Shuts Down on February 28

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Movies Anywhere streaming movie purchase consolidation platform

Disney Movies Anywhere is shutting down on February 28th, 2018, which means you need to transfer your account to the new Movies Anywhere service before the end of the month so you don’t lose any movies.