‘Slow Horses’ Earns Television Nomination at UK Writers’ Guild Awards, a First for Apple TV+


Reports indicate that Slow Horses, the espionage comedy starring Gary Oldman, has received a nomination from the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (WGGB), a first for Apple TV+.

Winners of the awards will see announcement at a London ceremony Jan. 16, 2023.

Slow Horses Earns UK Writers’ Guild Award-Nomination for Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ series Slow Horses, now beginning its second season, has just received an award-nomination from the WGGB. Spotted by AppleInsider, 42 entries are competing in 14 categories across a multitude of medias, including television, film, video games, novels and more.

Within a Writers’ Guild press release, General Secretary Ellie Peers stated,

“What a fantastic list of talented screenwriters, playwrights, authors, audio dramatists, comedy and videogames writers, whose work has kept us entertained and informed, and uplifted our spirits through the astonishing breadth and depth of their work. We look forward to celebrating and saluting them all at the Writers’ Guild Awards ceremony.”

For this nomination, writer Will Smith is getting the nod for Best Long Form TV Drama in thanks to his Slow Horses episode “Failure’s Contagious”.

Ceremonies for this award will see announcement Monday, Jan. 16 at the Royal College of Physicians in London. Also, the ceremony will see award-winning writer and comedian Rachel Parris serving as presenter.

Currently, season two of Slow Horses is slowly rolling-out across Apple TV+, with the first two epodes now available on the streaming service. Additionally, one new episode of the six-episode season streams every Friday.

Though still within the second season, Apple TV+ is picking the series up for a third and fourth season. However, Oldman has gone on record stating that retirement is a possibility for the actor once the series is complete.

Naturally, this win for Slow Horses only adds to the collection of nominations and wins for Apple TV+, including numerous Emmy Award-wins for Ted Lasso and Severance, and this year’s Best Picture win at the Oscar’s for the film CODA.

Of course, audiences can begin streaming Slow Horses through an Apple TV+ app, or through their web browser at tv.apple.com.

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