Comedies and International Thrillers Now ‘Included with Apple TV+’ to Celebrate Release of ‘Spirited’ and ‘Echo 3’


With the arrival of Spirited on Apple TV+, the streaming service is now featuring several classic Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds’ movies that users can stream as part of the “Included with Apple TV+” collection.

Apple TV+ is also featuring several films in the international thriller genre to note the early-release of the first three episodes of Echo 3.

‘Included with Apple TV+’ Now Features Comedies and International Thrillers

For a limited time, audiences can enjoy several classic comedies starring the Spirited duo, ensuring there’s plenty to enjoy during the holiday weekend. There’s also several classic international thrillers in support of the early release for the series premiere of Echo 3.

For some time now, Cupertino has been providing audiences with extra content in thanks to the “Included with Apple TV+” section within the streaming service. With the new feature serving as a means to offer audiences extra content alongside popular releases, this is a smart move from Apple for those that complain that “there’s nothing to watch”.

Right now, the following comedies are available for a select time:

  • Semi Pro: Available until Dec. 31
  • Old School: Available until Dec. 17
  • Van Wilder: Available until Dec. 31
  • Kicking and Screaming: Available until Dec. 31
  • Anchorman: Dec. 31

For the international thrillers collection, it features:

  • Syriana: Dec. 31
  • Rendition: Dec. 31
  • Green Zone: Dec. 31
  • Man on Fire: Dec. 31
  • Argo: Dec. 31

Spending the Holidays with Apple TV+

This isn’t the first time Apple has provided additional content for original releases. In celebration of the premiere for season three of Mythic Quest, Apple TV+ provided several workplace comedies to celebrate, all of them still available for a limited time. Additionally, the Hunger Games series is also still available to help celebrate the release of Jennifer Lawrence’s film Causeway.

While none of the movies available are appropriate for children, that doesn’t mean Apple TV+ is keeping focus on the adults. Along with Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock Night of the Lights being available just in time for the holidays, audiences also shouldn’t forget that they can stream A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving without the need for an Apple TV+ subscription.

With the holiday weekend soon to arrive, Apple TV+ is offering plenty for those that are looking to spend time with the family, or even for those just looking to escape. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, the streaming service has you covered.

You can find all of this content through the Apple TV+ app, or through your web browser at

What do you plan on watching on Apple TV+ over the holiday weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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