Apple Music Delivers New Replay Experience Featuring Highlight Reels and More


Today, Apple has announced a newly redesigned Replay experience for Apple Music subscribers.

The new Replay experience features a new highlight reel along with more in-depth insights to a user’s Apple Music listening experience.

Apple Music Unveils New Replay Experience for Listeners

The newly redesigned Replay experience is now available for Apple Music subscribers starting today. In addition to a new highlight reel, users are also able to use Replay to find out their top songs, albums, artists, genres and more.

Those that really love a band are also able to discover whether or not they are one of the top 100 listeners of any specific artist or genre. This means once and for all we can truly discover just who is the ultimate Oingo Boingo fan.

The new Replay experience provides more in-sights into a user’s listening experience. (Photo Credit: Apple.)

Additionally, users are also able to share their stats across messaging and social media, though, as many have pointed out, there is still no support for a certain “Instafest” feature that is currently making the rounds for Spotify users.

Apple Music users are able to check-in on Replay until the end of the year to see how their tastes may change. Available through, users simply need to login with the Apple ID that they use with Apple Music.

Changing the Social Media Game

As noted by others, including iMore and 9to5Mac, the new experience is a great step-up from the Replay experience in the past, but there are still some notable issues. As mentioned, the popular Instafest web-app available for Spotify users is causing some Apple Music users to feel alienated. There are also issues with the Apple Music app only showing certain playlists, meaning users have to go to their web-browser for more detailed information.

However, while the new feature for Spotify is certainly making waves on social media, TechBriefly has spotted the website FestivalPosterGenerator that allows users to generate their own festival lineups. While it requires users inputting their selection of bands manually, it can be a fun alternative, especially for the creative-type. The website does also provide users with more customization options, including the ability to change font colors, dates and more.

Festival Poster Generator can be a great alternative for those looking to share their ultimate festival lineup. (Photo Credit: Festival Poster Generator.)

The new Replay experience for Apple Music is available now at

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