Mosyle Adds Apple Device Screen Sharing for Work and School

Mosyle MDM software

Mosyle has officially announced the latest update to its software for Mac admins. It adds a screen sharing tool for the MDM market that brings privacy and security to users.

Mosyle Screen Sharing

Screen View enables Mac Admins to use any device logged into Mosyle’s Admin Portal to view the screen of any macOS, iOS or iPadOS device managed by the organization. This functionality streamlines the steps it takes to deliver personalized Apple support and guidance to students, teachers and enterprise employees.

During a session, Mosyle Screen View leverages a fully encrypted peer-to-peer connection between each device, so data remains private and is not transmitted over or stored on Mosyle servers. Additionally, the link for each Screen View session is built on-demand with a highly complex format and is securely distributed to the end-user. For an added layer of privacy, the end-user must approve and initiate each session before it begins.

Screen View is available today with Mosyle Fuse and Mosyle Manager Premium at no additional cost. The new feature is supported on major web browsers, including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

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