Much Rumored iPhone 16 Pro Capture Button Featured in Yet Another Leak

iPhone 16 Display Production Right on Schedule for September Launch

Earlier this month, the CAD renders of the iPhone 16 Pro made rounds on the internet and we witnessed the presence of a new Capture Button, among other improvements such as thinner bezels, rounder corners, and slightly taller, wider, and thicker dimensions compared to the current iPhone 15 Pro series.

Well, that seems to be true and could be in the development. This tip comes from Sonny Dickson on X, who’s also credited with sharing the information about the purported iPhone SE 4 overhaul. He shared a picture of the back cover which appears to have a cutout for the rumored Capture Button in the iPhone 16 Pro series. Whether that could be for a Capture Button, a cutout for some other functionality like a port, or a sensor remains under wraps, its presence tells that something might be cooking up and the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series could have a “new button” at all as he mentioned in the post. In addition, a set of images shared on Weibo also shows the presence of the new button.

What’s more likely among many other things is the presence of a Capture Button. Because, it looks designed for a button, and if that comes true, it might be for one requiring heightened sensitivity, perhaps capable of detecting a half-press, or maybe it could house a button with a built-in sensing element. Other than that, this corroborates with the CAD renders and comes at the same spot. That means, that when the iPhone is held in a specific orientation, the camera bump relocates to the top left corner, resembling the layout of cameras found on compact cameras.

Just so you know, Apple’s major change on the iPhone 15 Pro series was the introduction of the Action Button, replacing the traditional mute toggle switch. However, if an image is to be interpreted literally, it suggests that Apple may have additional plans for the next generation iPhone 16 Pro series, as all four iPhone variants at least might reportedly sport the Action Button. That said, this confirms a greater possibility of the iPhone 16 Pro series featuring a Capture Button or something like that below the Side Button.


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