NBCUniversal to Launch Apple TV+ Challenger in April 2020

The Office US

NBCUniversal will launch its streaming service in April 2020 its CEO revealed on an earnings call Wednesday. It will be the exclusive home for content like The Office (via AppleInsider).

The Office US
Image Credit: Via NBC

NBCUniversal Could Have Content Advantage

The service will challenge the likes of Apple TV+ and Netflix. CEO Steven Burke said:

We believe we have a very innovative way of coming to the market that is very different than anything else and has very attractive financial aspects.

The streaming service will host hits like¬†The Office, potentially giving it an advantage of Apple. Mr. Burke also said that there will be original content, although ¬†“the vast majority of consumption” will be of bought programming.

The name of the product has not yet been revealed. However, it is understood that over 500 people are currently working on it. It will be built on much of the same infrastructure as Sky’s NOW TV, which is owned by Comcast/NBCUniversal.

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