Netflix Bans Residential IP Addresses in Latest Crackdown

Netflix blocking residential IPs

Netflix is intensifying its battle to ban users of VPNs and proxies. It now bans residential IP addresses because these are used by some unblocking tools (via TorrentFreak).

Netflix Bans

Netflix hasn’t shared which IP addresses are blocked, but these IPs are commonly assigned to ISPs like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon. But as the report points out, there has been “collateral damage,” with many customers complaining on social media.

Idk whats happened but Netflix suddenly stopped showing tv shows that I was watching when my laptop is connected to the internet over wifi. it shows the same tv shows when my laptop is connected to the internet over mobile data hotspot.

Netflix has no official response so far but its Twitter account suggested to one user to contact their ISP. The streaming service also says that Netflix originals are still available for affected customers.

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Just cancel subscriptions. Everyone. Problem fixed. Forever.


I wonder how many support calls the ISPs got?

“Are you blocking my Netflix”

W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


I wondered how long this was going to take. 

Tech geeks, your move. 

Just, don’t get caught.