Apple Revamps Vision Pro Demos with Personalized Content and New Features

Apple Vision Pro Release

There are changes to Apple’s in-store demonstration program for the Vision Pro.

Customers can now view their own photos, videos, and panoramas on the Vision Pro during demos. This replaces generic content previously used, allowing users to clearly understand and experience the headset’s capabilities and a more impactful experience.

There’s also a new “Go Deeper” option which has extended demo sessions made for individual user needs. Customers can explore specific functionalities relevant to their intended use case, such as productivity applications or entertainment features.

The biggest change is a new feature that lets customers beam their own photos, videos and panoramas over to a Vision Pro during a demonstration. Then they can see their own media in mixed reality. If you’ve already done this on a Vision Pro, you know that it could help sway some shoppers.

Mark Gurman

In other Apple Vision Pro news, Apple is reportedly pausing the development of Vision Pro 2 in favor of a more affordable alternative and even Apple Glasses. Now, the company is looking for new suppliers for OLED-on-Silicon (OLEDoS) panels, indicating that Apple may be working on an affordable version of the Vision Pro.

The affordable variant might not be a standalone device, meaning it would require an iPhone or Mac and cannot function without them. It is expected to debut at the end of 2025, at a price tag of approximately $1,500.

These changes follow the initial launch of the Vision Pro, which saw a slow rollout. The updated demo program comes as the headset enters international markets. I am still not sure if Apple will still be running a 30-minute demo for Vision Pro testers, as they were initially when it was launched earlier this year.

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