New Values-Focused Videos Appear on Apple UK YouTube

more to iPhone video caption

On Monday, three new videos appeared on the Apple UK YouTube channel. They all related to the iPhone and highlighted the company’s values.

New Videos Appear on Apple UK YouTube

All the clips are very short – just a few seconds long. The first explains that excess aluminum from iPhone production is used to make Apple Watch Cases:

The second focuses on Appel Pay privacy:

The third, meanwhile explained how Face ID data is kept on the iPhone and not shared with Apple:

They all use the caption “There’s more to iPhone.” I do not think I have seen any of these videos in this way before – please feel free to tell me in the comments if you have! I couldn’t see them when doing a scan of the main Apple YouTube channel. Normally, Apple puts content on there once it has been on the main channel. This includes adverts with the British voiceover (hi, ‘Sexy Priest’ from Fleabag). I wonder if more engagement on this channel will be a trend we see replicated in the future.

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