Smart Home Open Standard From Apple, Amazon, Google Alliance Set For 2021 Release

An open standard for smart home tech is set for release in 2021. That’s according to the latest update from the Zigbee Alliance, a consortium that includes Apple, Google, and Amazon. The group also said that it is “on track to deliver a draft specification by late 2020.”

Apple, Amazon, Google Alliance ‘Rapidly Iterating’ on Global Smart Home Standard

In the blog post, the Zigbee Alliance said that it is “rapidly iterating on the global open standard, based on market-proven technologies,” on GitHub. “This repository is an implementation-first approach to the technical specification, vetting integrations in practice…. As the technology stack comes into focus, so do the smart home devices that we are initially targeting.”

Zigbee Alliance is currently looking at smart home devices in fields such as lighting and electrical, HVAC controls, access control, and safety and security, amongst others. However, it said that “scoping exercises are also underway for additional consumer electronics products and the commercial industry.”

Along with Apple, Amazon, and Google, the likes of Huawei, Comcast, Samsung, and Ikea are listed as ‘promoters’ of the alliance. There are also 144 ‘participants,’ including Arm, and 149 ‘adopters’.

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