Opening Day 2021: How Artists Reimagined the Baseball Card With iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Baseball Cards designed on iPad Pro Apple Pencil

Apple shared the story of two artists who used the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to redesign and reimagine the classic baseball card. It comes ahead of Major League Baseball’s opening day on Thursday.

Project 70 and Remembering Greats From Baseball’s With iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Ahead of Opening Day 2021

Eric “Efdot” Friedensohn is working on ‘Project 70’, in which artists reinterpret cards that from across the 70 years they have been made by Topps. A card will be released online every weekday through the end of the year. Each is only available to buy for 70 hours. Efdot worked with photos, drawings, and other types of media and said that “the digital tools help me work faster and help me work in layers so I can easily combine ideas.”

He has designed a card that features Josh Gibson, who played in the Negro Leagues but was never recognized by the Major Leagues. Sean Gibson, the ex-player’s great-grandson, said the family was “very excited about it,” and that “there are a lot of things going on right now to recognize Negro League players.”

Another involved in Project 70 is Keith Shore. Like Efdot, he uses an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. “I used iPad Pro to replace drawing on paper,” he said. “It’s super smooth and I can have fun with it. It makes starting the process so stress free.”

The artists also commented on loving the feedback they received from fans and learning about the greats from baseball’s past.

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