Password Checkup Helping Users Stay Safer

Password Checkup extension

Google’s Password Checkup Chrome extension appears to have had some success. Researchers at the company said over a quarter of users reset passwords it found to be unsafe.

Password Checkup extension
The Google Chrome Password Checkup extension (Image: Google)

Password Checkup Helps Users Secure Against Guessing Attacks

The tool launched in February 2019. In a blog, researchers said that 26 percent of the 650,000 who experimented with the extension changed unsafe passwords. Furthermore, 60 percent of those changed passwords were secure against guessing attacks. A hacker would need over hundred million guesses to identify a new password.

Two New Features Added to Extension

Google also announced two new features to the extension. It introduced a direct feedback mechanism that allows users to inform the company of any issues. They also added the ability for users to opt-out of the anonymous telemetry reported by the extension.

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