Pocket Build 2.5 Rolls Out First-Person Mode

Pocket Build is a building game where you can build your own little worlds, and Pocket Build 2.5 rolling out a beta version of a future first-person mode.

Pocket Build 2.5

Although the developer didn’t plan on having first-person mode in the beginning, after getting requests for it and trying it out, it will be coming. You won’t be able to do much right now in version 2.5. You can only walk around, but as improvements are made, the following features will gradually appear:

  • Collision improvements.
  • Interaction with items and characters in the world.
  • Things that go pew pew pew.
  • Multiplayer – Explore & build worlds with your friends or strangers.
  • Swimming – That’s right. You cannot swim in first-person just yet but this will be added soon. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds.
  • Ride horses, dragons, and vehicles – Yep, soon you will no longer need to explore your worlds on your foot like a peasant.
  • Going inside buildings.
  • Zombie survival. Who doesn’t like a good zombie survival? Will try and keep zombies looking as friendly as possible.
  • Any other suggestions by the community.

pocket build

Not only will Pocket Build for iOS get first-person mode, but the PC and Mac versions will, too. You can download Pocket Build on the App Store here (US$1.99).

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