Poolside.fm: a Ridiculous Music Site

OK, fine, I’m a little obsessed with Poolside.fm. It’s a modern throwback, cheesy and clever. It’s ridiculous, as one of its own creators described it. And it’s hypnotic.

I know, I’m getting ahead of myself. Poolside.fm is a music streaming site fashioned to look like an old-school Mac OS (pre-macOS, OS X, and Mac OS X) desktop. And, you don’t get to choose what you listen to, or what you watch.

According to the site’s .txt file (because lol), “Poolside FM was conceived one awfully rainy summer in the Highlands of Scotland—a virtual vacation, if you will. The audio and video streams are curated to inject a healthy dose of serotonin into your brain.”

The music is a mix of modern and older material, with a lot of remixes. Think clubby stuff, but with a groove, for lack of a better descriptor. The video mentioned—Poolside TV—is all commercials and music videos from the 1980s and 1990s. I don’t really know why it works in combo, but it does. Here’s a screenshot of my listening and watching enjoyment from today:

Poolside.fm Screenshot

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