Apple’s Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones can now be ordered in Australia and Mainland China. They became available in those countries Friday (via AppleInsider).

Powerbeats Pro Aus

Powerbeats Pro in More Countries

In Australia, the Powerbeats Pro are priced at A$349.95 in all the standard colors. The Apple Store online said online orders will arrive in two days at the time of this writing. In China, the headphones cost 1,888 Chinese Yuan. They became available in the UK,  France, and Germany last week.

The headphones are designed for use whilst doing sport. They feature ‘Hey Siri’ support and are water resistant too. Users can control playback and volume via the earphones, and they have auto Play/Pause sensors that know when the earbuds are in actually in a user’s ear.

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Is it safe to order and ship to America? Also can they ship to anywhere.