Preorder PowerBeats Pro in U.S. and Canada

Starting today you can preorder PowerBeats Pro in the United States and Canada. But the shipping date is already getting pushed further.

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Preorder PowerBeats Pro

On Apple’s website, the delivery date is May 13 to May 20 for the fastest option, and May 14 to May 21 for the free option. The original launch was supposed to be May 10. These are the first truly wireless headphones in the Beats line. They have the same H1 chip that the AirPods 2 have, and give you up to nine hours of listening time.

Preorder PowerBeats pro as shown here

In the United States the PowerBeats Pro cost $249.95, while the price in Canada is $329.95. Right now they come in Black, but other colors like Navy, Moss, and Ivory are coming soon.

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