U.S President Donald Trump hit out at Apple on Tuesday (via Reuters). He criticized the firm’s refusal to unlock iPhones used by the Pensacola U.S. Naval Station shooter and other criminals.

Apple Rejects President Trump’s Criticism

President Trump said Apple should break its encryption to allow the authorities access to devices. He argued that this is because the company has benefitted from government support over trade. Furthermore, he tweeted that Apple needed “to step up to the plate.”

President Trump’s comments followed a call from hist Attorney General, William Barr, who called on Apple to break its encryption. This is despite the fact Apple has repeatedly said it will not build a backdoor into devices in order to protect users. However, it does provide authorities access to data stored on its cloud servers. The company said it “the characterization that Apple has not provided substantive assistance.”

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Paul Goodwin

Trump. Making America the worst version of itself.


Didn’t they already crack the phones using Grayshift’s GrayKey device? And didn’t Apple hand over the iCloud backups?

Last time the FBI pressured Apple for backdoors they were also able to unlock the phone with help from a third party.

trump is a fascist.

John Kheit

That trump doesn’t understand how encryption works (either you have it or you don’t) doesn’t surprise me, and shouldn’t surprise anyone. That the tech folks at the DoJ and whitehouse *act* like don’t understand, or truly don’t understand is what’s more disturbing. Regardless. The Obama administration was wrong on this, and now the trump administration is wrong on this. Basically, government is wrong on this.

Lee Dronick

Says the guy who won’t show his taxes and doesn’t want his cronies to testify at his impeachment trial