NAMM – Apple released Logic Pro X 10.4 Thursday. The update to Apple’s digital audio workstation (DAW) includes Smart Tempo, project-side tempo controls, as well as four new effects. Apple went so far as to announce the features with a press release, which did last year with another point release for Logic Pro X.

Vintage EQ in Logic Pro X 10.4

Vintage EQ in Logic Pro X 10.4

Smart Tempo in Logic Pro X 10.4

The short version of Smart Tempo is that it gives you project-wide control over tempo. This allows users to use audio with different tempos without hassle.

Apple also said, “Smart Tempo gives users the freedom to record naturally without a metronome or click track, yet still have their performance stay in sync with any other tempo-based content or features in a project.”

The company has a video of the feature at work in its press release, but inexplicably doesn’t include an embeddable option.

New Effects in Logic Pro X 10.4

Apple also added three new effects to Logic Pro X, including ChromaVerb, Vintage EQ, Phat FX, and Step FX.

ChromaVerb is a reverb plugin Apple called “advanced.” It’s an algorithmically powered effect, “with a colorful interactive interface that allows users to add space and depth to tracks and simulate a wide range of acoustic spaces, including Rooms, Chambers, Theaters, Halls and more.”

Vintage EQ are modeled after unspecified hardware EQs from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. There are three, Vintage Graphic EQ, Vintage Tube EQ, and Vintage Console EQ.

You can read that as, “we modeled this after some famous hardware, but we don’t want to get sued, so we aren’t naming names, but you’ll know it when you hear it.”

Phat FX adds, “warmth, punch and presence to synths, guitar, bass and drums.”

Step FX adds, “rhythmic movement to any track by arranging filters, effects and independent step sequencers to control treatments over time.”

Logic Pro X 10.4

Logic Pro X 10.4 is available now on the Mac App Store. It’s a free update if you own Logic Pro X 10.x, and the full version is $199.99.

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