Cast Deezer Lyrics and Take Your Singing to The Big Screen

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Deezer has rolled out new functionality which allows users to Cast the lyrics of their song onto a TV or other large screen. This is available to all Android users but only iOS users with a premium subscription. However, the company said all iOS users will have access to it in the near future.

Cast Deezer Lyrics

Lyrics is a really fun aspect of Deezer – the word to the song you’re listening to scroll down along with the music. Basically you can turn anywhere into a karaoke bar! The ability to send lyrics to any Cast-enabled display or Chromecast built-in TV  will definitely increase the capacity for sing-a-longs. It’s pretty simple to use too:

  • Pick your song and tap the cast icon at the top right-hand corner of your device
  • Select your Chromecast or Cast compatible device you want to Cast the lyrics to.

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