Quibi Streaming Service Launches in the U.S.

Quibi streaming service

Quibi, the short-episode streaming service, launched in the U.S. on Monday. It is aimed at phones and claims to provide movie-quality video in quick bites.

Quibi streaming service

Quibi Arrives Offering 90-Days Free

Quibi was founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg, who also founded DreamWorks. Former Hewlett Packard chief Meg Whitman is the CEO. The app will provide new episodes of its shows on a daily basis. The whole service is designed for the phone. Content remains properly framed if viewed horizontally or vertically.

Quibi can be downloaded from the App Store. A subscription usually starts at $4.99, or $7.99 ad-free, but there is currently an offer to get the service free for 90-days. That’s probably sensible given the service is clearly targetted at busy people commuting and… well… nobody’s doing that at the moment.

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