Report Says iPhone 7 May be Called iPhone 6SE

iPhone 6SE mockup

Since this fall’s iPhone is expected to stick with the same body design as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s a new report claims instead of iPhone 7 Apple will call the new model iPhone 6SE. The source for the next iPhone’s name comes from supply sources in China, and doesn’t seem like a good fit considering Apple already sells an iPhone SE.

iPhone 6SE mockup
Artist’s rendition of the rumored iPhone 6SE

Supply chain sources speaking with (English translation) said Apple is going with the potentially confusing name for this fall’s iPhone models because of the design similarities with the current lineup. Instead of sticking with the current naming convention where 6 was followed by 6s, and this fall should be 7, Apple is holding back the big number change for 2017 when the iPhone is expected to get a major redesign.

Apple is expected to release new iPhone models this fall along side the launch of iOS 10. A new report claims Apple is targeting September 16 for the rollout, putting it a little ahead of last year’s iPhone 6s launch.

The new models are expected to match the overall style of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but with repositioned antenna lines, faster processors and WiFi, better cameras, improved waterproofing, and a solid state Home button instead of the mechanical button found in current models. Reports claim Apple is removing the 3.5mm headphone jack and will support audio over the Lightning connector as well as Bluetooth.

While it’s possible Apple will go with iPhone 6SE, it isn’t very plausible. The name overlaps with the recently introduced iPhone SE and seems like an opportunity for confusion. Calling the larger 5.5-inch model the iPhone 6SE Plus sounds a little clunky and very much not like Apple’s style.

Like so many other rumors, this one should be taken with a grain of salt. Considering how unlikely it is that Apple will go with iPhone 6SE for the new model’s name, that grain needs to be pretty big.

8 thoughts on “Report Says iPhone 7 May be Called iPhone 6SE

  • Apple dropped support for SCSI. I was perturbed but it made sense. I adapted.
    Apple dropped support for the floppy. I was perturbed but it made sense. I adapted.
    Apple dropping support for the phone jack. I am perturbed because it makes no sense.

    Unlike the earlier technologies the audio jack is not a evolutionary step. It’s a solid, established, technology that just works. It is exactly the technology that Apple should be keeping. The alternatives? Everyone replacing their headphones, strike one. Using a klugy adaptor dongle, strike two. Or going with unreliable Bluetooth headphones, strike three.

    Fortunatly I seldom use headphones on my phone, my iPad and Mac are another story, so it won’t impact me much. if this is the beginning of a trend though I will not be happy.

  • No audio jack, no iPhone for me. I’ll upgrade to the current model but after that, I’ll go with someone else’s phone. I use it with good headphones a lot. It’s primarily a telephone and an iPod to me. I’m not buying some expensive adapter to get good sound.

  • People (most often Americans) are “book cover crazy”. You know the old saying: “You can’t tell a book by it’s cover”. But in technology innovation, people would vote for the book with the prettiest cover.

    In the 1950’s to 1970’s people loved their American cars, as long as GM, Ford and the other car companies completely changed the outside style of the car every year, but very little was changed technologically. Those same people sneered at foreign car companies like BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, etc. that kept the outside design of their cars for a few years before changing it, but developed new technologies and improvements inside the cars each year.

    We are seeing the 1950’s mentality with people who only see the metal back of the iPhone 7, without knowing anything about the new technologies or user experience improvements, and reject it and call it “boring” only because the back shell of the iPhone does not look different ENOUGH to them.

    Intelligent people don’t buy the iPhone because the back of it changes radically each year (people like that buy phones form other companies, like Samsung). They buy the iPhone because they are getting the highest quality hardware and software, reliability, support, and the best user experience available.

    And what is especially ironic about “book cover crazy” people is that once everyone puts a cover on their phone (which most people do to protect their investment) they ALL look alike. The only thing that anyone sees of their phones is the front dark glass that covers everything inside that makes a phone a phone.

  • It is VERY unlikely that it will be called iPhone 6SE.

    The 5, 5S, and 5SE look identical

    The 6 and 6S look identical


    This new model is NOT identical to the 6 and 6S.

    It will be thinner, lose the headphone jack, have stereo (instead of mono) speakers, it will have very different cameras externally including the dual lens camera on the Plus, it will have redesigned antenna lines, and there may be other significant changes that we are not aware of yet.

    We already know for certain that the iPhone 7 WILL NOT look just like an iPhone 6/6S with only the internal hardware changed.

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