Russian lawmaker Fedora Tumusov introduced draft legislation on Tuesday that would cap the app fees at 20% for companies like Apple and Google (via Reuters).

App Store Commission Cap

If the bill is approved, Apple and Google could no longer charge 20% in fees, the subject of which currently draws criticism. The bill continues, saying that companies would also have to use a third of fee for a special training fund for IT specialists on a quarterly basis.

“Lowering the commission and having the ability to bring products to users is a growth opportunity for IT developers,” Tumusov wrote on social media.

Apple said it will appeal this bill.

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John Kheit

When Russia itself takes more than 20%, that’s completely different. Maybe they can go straight to hell instead… oh that’s right, they’re already there. Irrelevant market. Bye bye.

Lee Dronick

They should just wait until they steal the election, again,


Bite your tongue, Lee!