Samsung Takes Potshots at Apple’s “Crushed” Creativity with “UnCrush” Ad

Apple’s recent ad campaign promoting the new iPad Pro, featuring a hydraulic press destroying creative instruments, backfired spectacularly. The ad, titled “Crush,” sparked outrage from artists and consumers alike. Now, Samsung is seizing the moment with a playful(?) jab at its competitor.

Samsung’s new ad, “UnCrush,” takes a direct shot at Apple’s approach, at the same spot where Apple cut the scene of the ad. The ad features a musician picking up the pieces, literally, by playing a damaged guitar alongside a Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. With a message: creativity can’t be crushed.

The backlash against Apple’s “Crush” ad was swift and harsh. Critics, including actor Hugh Grant, denounced the ad for its disregard for the value of creative tools and the artistic process. Apple ultimately apologized, as reported here, and pulled the ad from television, though it remains on YouTube.

But let’s be honest, Samsung has to been praying for this moment, the past is the proof. It’s not the first time Samsung has mocked Apple. In 2012, after a legal battle, Samsung took aim at Apple’s iPhone 5 with a print ad comparing features to their Galaxy S III. The tagline? “It doesn’t take a genius,” a not-so-subtle jab at Apple’s “Genius Bar” support. 

The latest case was in 2021 when Samsung released a series of ads comparing the specs of their Galaxy S21 Ultra to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The campaign’s message? “Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade.”

Whether Samsung’s “UnCrush” ad translates to increased sales remains to be seen, but it certainly adds fuel to the ongoing tech rivalry.

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