iOS 18 Brings Major Upgrades for Indian Users: Hindi Support, Live Voicemail Transcription, and More

Apple is reportedly making a big splash for Indian users with the upcoming iOS 18 update. One of the biggest highlights is the addition of Hindi support for the Translate app and other system features. Siri also gets a big upgrade (alongside Siri 2.0), it will have the ability to understand and respond in Hindi. On top of that, Siri will also learn to speak nine more Indian languages!

iPhone users in India can now customize their lock screens to display the clock and contact information in their preferred Indian language and numerals.

According to this tweet, managing voicemails becomes a breeze with Live Voicemail Transcription in Indian English. However, funnily enough, voicemails don’t work in India. Regardless, Live Voicemail Transcription transcribes voice messages.

“You can view a real-time transcription of the message someone is leaving you as they speak, giving you immediate context for the call. If you want to address it, you can pick up the call while they’re still on the line.”

There’s more: the keyboard will allow for transliteration between English and two other Indian languages. It supports 11 Indian languages, with better language search and improved spelling suggestions.

Additionally, there were rumors about insider leaks claiming that Apple would be bringing Apple Pay to India with iOS 18. It will be interesting to see its use case in the market already occupied by India’s own UPI payment system. I reckon Apple Pay will integrate UPI just like Google Pay, but expect the unexpected when it comes to Apple, just like their plans of scrapping the A17 chipset even for the base variants of iPhone 16. Historically, they have used the chipset from the previous years’ Pro variant to the latest base variants.  

These India-specific features in iOS 18 demonstrate Apple’s commitment to catering to the country’s growing user base. The update is expected to be released later this year, and it will be interesting to see how Indian iPhone users receive these features.

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