Soon Your Snaps Could Become Permanent

Snap, Inc. has had a tough time with Snapchat, due to financial woes and executives leaving. Reuters reports that apparently the company is considering making your snaps permanent.

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Permanent Snaps

It won’t affect all snaps though, only public ones shared to the global “Our Story” section. And users can still delete them. But it would be the biggest change to Snapchat so far, since the app has always been focused around ephemeral content.

snapchat snaps

A person familiar with Snap’s plan say the company is “carefully weighing the privacy, technical and legal considerations of revealing user identities on public posts.”

It sounds like the plans are in response to feedback from Snap’s partnerships with news discovery platforms. These help media companies analyze and republish public breaking news in the app. Disappearing snaps are difficult to work with.

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