Spotify Adds More Ways to Share Podcasts on iOS

iPhone on a table with airpods and the Spotify logo.

Spotify is improving ways by which users can share podcasts, with a new ability to add timestamps when you share an episode.

Share Spotify Podcasts

Adding timestamps when you share a podcast lets you highlight a particular moment as part of a show, like sending a friend a funny part. To share a timestamp, just tap the “share” button while listening to the episode, use the “switch to share” feature at the current playtime, and then select where you want to share the content to. Those on the receiving end just need to tap the shared link to jump right in and start listening.

A second feature comes to Spotify Canvas, and it turns static song pages into animated videos. Further, users can share Spotify tracks via Canvas to Snapchat.

Third, Spotify is expanding Canvas previews with a redesigned sharing layout on mobile devices. By previewing the Canvas you’re sharing on Instagram Stories or Snapchat ahead of time, you’ll be able to visualize how it will be presented on your social channel. Plus, your available messaging and social media destinations will be dynamically populated based on the apps you have installed, and laid out clearly in an easy-to-view grid. 

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