Update: Affected apps now appear to be working again.

Users around the world are reporting that a number of popular apps, including Spotify and Waze, are crashing when they try to use them on a device running iOS 13. A developer told Business Insider that Facebook’s SDK is likely the route of the problem.

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Spotify, Waze, Games Not Working on iPhone

Spotify acknowledged the problem in a Tweet:

Replies from its support account to users said that there is no known timeframe for a fix but that developers are working on it. Other popular apps also not working at the moment include Google-owned mapping tool, Waze, Pinterest, Tinder, PUBG Mobile, and Mario Kart.

If the Facebook code is indeed the issue, it will be the second time it has caused issues for iOS users in recent months, with a number of apps also brought down in May.

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The Webtoon app was crashing for me early this morning. Seems to be OK now.