Popular activity-tracking app Strava has made some of its most popular features only available to paying subscribers. Furthermore, new features are being added for those subscribers.

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Strava Puts Makes Key Features Subscriber-Only

The previously free features that will now only be available to paid iOS subscribers are:

  • Overall segment leaderboards
  • Comparing, filtering and analyzing segment efforts
  • Route planning on strava.com
  • Matched Runs
  • Monthly activity trends and comparisons

The new Strava features set to arrive for iOS subscribers are:

  • Routes update including planning & recommendations
  • Matched Rides, allow users to analyze performance on identical rides over time
  • See your full workout history in Training Log
  • Workout Analysis for all activity types
  • Grade-Adjusted Pace

A subscription costs $59.99 annual or $5.99 a month.

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