Adobe Updates Fresco, Photoshop on iPad, and Creative Cloud Apps

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Adobe updated several Creative Cloud apps today for iPad and Mac. Photoshop on iPad, Adobe Fresco, and Creative Cloud video and audio apps received updates.

Adobe Updates

Adobe Fresco

  • Mixer Brushes to smudge and blend while painting.
  • Multicolor eyedropper that can be used with Live brushes and most Pixel brushes.
  • Vector Trim, the first in a set of trim tools. It lets you remove strokes and connect or cross each other in any way.
  • A touch shortcut. Tapping three times will quickly erase vector lines on your canvas.
  • Shapes like circles and polygons.
  • Ruler measurements that let you pin the ruler to your canvas as you draw and paint.
  • Velocity taper for vector brushes.

Photoshop on iPad screenshots

Photoshop for iPad

  • Curves to let you adjust color and tone using nondestructive editing.
  • Pressure sensitivity settings for brushes using Apple Pencil.

Creative Cloud Apps

  • ProRes RAW support in Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • More streamline graphics workflows in Premiere Pro.
  • Auto Reframe in Premiere Pro.
  • Hardware encoding on Windows for H.264 and H.265 (HEVC).
  • Support for audio files in Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • Tapered Shape Strokes in After Effects.
  • Concentric Shape Repeater in After Effects.
  • Mask and Shape Cursor Indicators in After Effects.
  • Improvements to Audio Triggers and Timeline filtering
    in Emmy-winning Character Animator.
  • Automatic audio hardware switching.
  • Premiere Rush users can now automatically resize projects to the 4:5 aspect ratio to match formats for Facebook and Instagram videos.

Further information can be found on Adobe’s blog posts as linked above.

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