Tesla Launches Charging Station that can be Plugged into A Wall Outlet

Tesla launched a new charging system on Wednesday, its first that can be used with a standard wall outlet. The Wall Connector can be plugged into a socket, instead of needing to be hardwired into a home’s electrical system.

Faster, and no Electrician Required

Tesla said that it’s new Wall Connector charging system charges 25% faster than its Gen 2 Mobile Connector charger. However, it is slower than the hardwired option (via Techcrunch). For the first time, customers can use a NEMA 14-50 plug on a Tesla charger to plug their vehicle into a wall outlet. It does not need to be hardwired into their home’s electrical supply. This marks something of a change of strategy from Elon Musk’s firm.

The Wall Connector provides 40 amps (9.6kW) of power for all Model S, Model X, and Model 3 Long Range Tesla vehicles. A Model 3 Mid Range or Standard Range vehicle will charge at 32 amps. The charger costs $500. 

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This marks something of a charge of strategy from Elon Musk’s firm.

Nice. But then I am a fan of a good pun.