New Text Bug Causes iPhones to Crash, But Apple Fixed it in iOS 13.4.5 Beta

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There’s a new text bug going around that causes iPhones to crash when people receive it through Messages. However, Apple has patched it in the latest iOS beta 13.4.5, but its release date is unknown.

Sindhi Bug

The string of text involves the Italian flag emoji as well as characters from the Sindhi language of Pakistan. You can see what it looks like in the image below. Based on testing, this appears to be a no-click bug where the device crashes as soon as it receives the message. People don’t have to click on it, which makes it all the more dangerous.

Image of the Sindhi text bug

The bug is related to system notifications, so a possible mitigation is to turn off notifications for Messages by going to Settings > Notifications > Messages.

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When these things come up I always wonder how in the h311 somebody found it.