The iPhone 16 Could Be In for Significant RAM Boost and Better Wi-Fi

Apple’s mobile processors are the envy of the industry, providing excellent speed and efficiency. Even so, several other mobile phone components play a role in a device’s speed and performance, especially RAM, which can severely cripple a phone if it’s insufficient. The next iPhone line is rumored to get more RAM and support for the latest Wi-Fi protocols, which should help it remain a blazing-fast device.

Reports point to 8GB of RAM and support for Wi-Fi 6E when the iPhone 16 debuts, expanding the standard iPhone’s capabilities. Apple previously only gave Pro models those features, so the upgrades should be a significant boost for regular models. Some expect Apple to use Qualcomm’s newest 5G chip in the iPhone 16 Pro models, but there’s no expectation that it will install the modem in cheaper iPhone models.

Combined with Apple’s proprietary chips, the increased RAM would make the regular iPhone 16 a blazing-fast device. RAM supports all phone functions and can be the make-or-break difference between a smoothly running gaming or work experience and one that makes you want to throw your phone across the room.

While the increased power and faster Wi-Fi will be welcomed by almost every iPhone buyer, it’s unclear what the improvements will do to the devices’ costs. The phone is already expected to start at a higher price than its predecessor. However, storage options are typically more generous at higher price points, and the performance boost may be more than enough to justify the increase.

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