This App Turns Your MacBook’s Notch Into Dynamic Island

turn macbook notch into dynamic island

Have you ever wanted a Dynamic Island on your MacBook? Well, now you can have it with a new app from that turns your MacBook’s Notch into a Dynamic Island.

The app is called NotchNook, and it transforms the MacBook’s notch into a dynamic, interactive element that pulses with notifications, mimicking the Dynamic Island experience found on iPhones. Although since it’s still a notch, a more accurate description would be a Dynamic Peninsula, but it still functions the same way.

The developer claims the app works on notch-less MacBooks too, but the experience won’t be as smooth.

People still have divided opinions on the Dynamic Island. Some feel that the unused space between it and the bezel looks awkward, while others praise Apple’s decision to utilize the pill as a design element. Nevertheless, those who fall into the latter category can now bring some functionalities of the Dynamic Island to their Macs too.

The dancing notch on the Mac does indeed look very cool, but the only notable downside is the cost. The app isn’t available for free, as it requires a subscription of $3 per month or a one-time purchase of $25.

You can purchase NotchNook from’s website.

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