TikTok Becomes First Non-Facebook App to Hit Three Billion Downloads

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TikTok is the first non-Facebook app to hit three billion global downloads, according to new data from Sensor Tower. That includes downloads from both the App Store and Google Play Store, as well as downloads of Chinese iOS release Douyin.

TikTok Fifth App That Isn’t a Game to Hit Downloads Milestone

TikTok is the fifth non-game app clear three billion global downloads. The four other apps to previously hit that level since January 2014 are WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, all owned by Facebook, as well the Facebook too itself. The Mac Observer reached out to TikTok on reaching this landmark but, they declined to comment.

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New Users and Consumer Spending Continue to Grow

First-time users continue to flock to the short video app. According to the data, first-time downloads were up two percent quarter-over-quarter at 177.5 million in Q1 2021. This increased even further in Q2 2021, with 16 percent quarter-over-quarter growth and 205.4 million first-time downloads. That was the most growth the app has seen since the first three months of 2020 when there were more than 315 million installs. It’s worth remembering that the app is no longer available in India too, making the continued growth even more staggering.

No surprise the money is coming in too. Global consumer spending in TikTok has now cleared US$2.5 billion.

According to Mobile Insights Strategist Stephanie Chan:

In Q2 2021, TikTok saw its greatest quarter-over-quarter growth in consumer spending since Q2 2020, climbing 39 percent to $534.6 million from $384.7 million in the previous quarter.

[Updated July 15 to reflect no comment from TikTok.]

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