Tim Cook ‘Probably’ Won’t be Apple CEO in 10 Years’ Time

Tim Cook has revealed that it’s unlikely that he will be Apple CEO in 2031. In a new episode of The New York Times‘s Sway podcast, presented by Kara Swisher, he revealed he “probably” would not still be running the company in 10 years’ time.

Tim Cook Feels ‘Great Right Now…’ Unlikely to Stay as Apple CEO For 10 More Years

“Ten more years? Probably not,” the Apple CEO told Ms. Swisher. “But I can tell you that I feel great right now and the date is not in sight. But ten more years is a long time — and probably not ten more years.”

Mr. Cook was also asked what he would do if he was not running Apple:

I don’t have a clue because I love this company so much, that it is hard to imagine my life without it. And so I don’t think I will know that until after I’m not here. Because I think I will run so fast that I’ll never really think about it until I’m not running anymore. Does that make any sense?

The Fight With Facebook is Not About Facebook

Elsewhere, the two discuss the ongoing row between Apple and Facebook. Mr. Cook said that he’s “not focused on Facebook” and that Apple’s increasingly public privacy push is “not aimed at a company, it’s aimed at a principle.”

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