Tim Cook: Privacy Sets Apple Intelligence Apart, Though It Could Still Hallucinate

Tim Cook: Privacy Sets Apple Intelligence Apart, Though It Could Still Hallucinate

AI is super cool, especially when companies use it to power up their devices. Not to mention, AI is one of the phrases that has taken center stage at numerous tech events in recent times. And now, even Apple has unveiled what it had been building. But Apple doesn’t prefer to call it Artificial Intelligence, it’s Apple Intelligence.

Apple took the stage of its annual WWDC keynote to announce Apple Intelligence. It will bring a bunch of AI-powered features to the iPhones, iPads, and Macs in the coming time.

Several AI tools are already available, but Tim Cook says privacy sets Apple Intelligence apart. “The idea that it’s private, I think, is a very big idea in today’s world,” says Cook in a one-on-one with The Washington Post’s Josh Tyrangiel. “People want to know in some kind of way that [AI] is personal to them, but also private.”

When asked about the confidence that Apple Intelligence would hallucinate or not, Cook replies that he’s not “100 percent” sure but thinks that Apple has “done everything that we know to do, including thinking very deeply about the readiness of the technology in the areas that we’re using it in”.

Apple Boss Tim Cook Likes What OpenAI Has Done for Privacy

Next, the interviewer inquires about Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI, framing it as potentially pivotal for OpenAI’s reputation. Interestingly, OpenAI has been accused of training its AI dataset without consent. Tim Cook responds by saying OpenAI’s commitment to privacy, “They’ve done some things on privacy that I like.”

He further praises their pioneering efforts and acknowledges their current leadership in the field, noting, “I think they’re a pioneer in the area, and today they have the best model.” Cook affirms that Apple considers various partners but acknowledges OpenAI’s current prominence, asserting, “So we considered everything and everyone. And obviously, we’re not stuck on one person forever or something. We’re integrating with other people as well. But they’re first, and I think today it’s because they’re best.”

Notably, Apple’s recent collaboration with OpenAI has sparked some controversy in the tech scene. One such remark comes from Elon Musk, who once held the co-founder position at OpenAI. Musk argues that Apple couldn’t make their own AI and threatened to ban Apple devices from entering his office premises. To which Mira Murati, OpenAI’s chief technology officer, says “That’s [Elon Musk’s] opinion. Obviously I don’t think so”, reported Fortune.

You can read the full interview on The Washington Post from here.

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